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RPG Engine : Controls, IA and Fights

Hi folks,

In the last post, i was mentionning getting back to my rpg engine and update/finish a lot of things.
And guess what, that’s what i did.

Updating the controls

The controls in the game were a total major failure.
At the time i was satisfied by the ‘single touch’ experience of it. You put your finger on the screen and the hero goes there, like Zelda on the DS. You clicked on a enemy to attack him… but that didn’t work. Putting fingers around the screen right in the middle of what’s happening was NOT a bright idea. Making an usable fight system was way too complicated and hard to make it playable. Added to the fact that range weapons would have been even more complicated, i finally gave up on that type of control.

Now welcome the new controls: a totally fresh and new idea , the virtual D-Pad !

For now, it’s the first try and it works well. You might have some questions :

  • why so big ? -On your phone, it won’t seem so big, and it have to be big enough to be precise. Plus, it won’t be so opaque.
  • why are the buttons on top right, and not down right ? -That’s a more interesting question. You’ll be able to change this. But there’s a good reason for this : Nexus One. The multitouch capabilities of the N1 are rather poor. Touching two point in the same ‘line’ leads to bugs ( example ) Putting the buttons there was the only way for them to work correctly while moving the character.
  • You lame ! We see tiling everywhere ! Yeah, i have eyes too1 It’ll be fixed soon enough.

Updating the Fight System

Fight fight fight. Life is all about fighting. I like fighting, you like fighting, everybody fight every day. Didn’t you just put a metallic stuff through a random being to make the red come out of it just minutes ago before reading this post?

To be honest, i wanted to make a RPG without violence. But hey, it’s a RPG engine, so there should be fights if one want it.

So the fight engine is being updated:

  • A more realistic way to be punched away if taking a hit. This could be used  to simulate wind too or anything that’ll move a being in a direction.
  • More frames for the sword.

Updating the ennmy IA

I’m updating too the way that enemies see and think. Each enemy have is own field of vision ( blue here for demo purpose) and will react if some beings are in it.

There are still a lot to be done before having a real fight system, but things are starting to take shape 🙂

See you.


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