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About piracy …

As you probably already know it , i developed a game named Tales of Pocoro on Android.

This game is quite good, and most people liked it. I made it from scratch using Java, the Android framework and Open GL. It has been a lot of work to design everything, to create my own game framework, to code the game, to test, to debug etc… It took months of my spare time and, even if i never intended to make a living out of it, i expected at least a bit of money.

When the game is launched, a little anonymous stat is sent to my server to record things like how many people play, who finished the game, where are people blocked…
The sent stat line is almost unique per player. and my file has now more than 12.000 lines. Minus the demo player and irrevelant lines it’s around 10.000 people playing the full version.

7|English|HTC|HTC Hero|ERE27|0-1894685651|Fri May 13 20:13:52 UTC 2011|1.0.3|70|0|0|1|0|0|false|false|true|false|people_hero_man_3|true|true|Fri May 20 12:27:44 UTC 2011|

Now, the terrifying truth. I really sold ONLY 300 copies of this game. I earned around 1.5€/$ for each. So for now i earned 450€. It is less than what i spent in Android devices to test this game.
I should have earned around 15.000€ if piracy did not exist. ( yeah it’s a BIG shortcut, i know )

I’m not a money guy. I earn enough to make my little family live and that is enough for me. Game development is a hobby, something i do because i love that really much ( it’s almost a curse )
But this huge difference between what i earned and what i should have earned is still a real pain for me, and i’m really thinking about stopping development on Android and try something different.

At the very least i must think of a different way to sell my games. It’s already too late for Tales of Pocoro as it is available on many pirate sites.
Daniel Cook has been someone who inspires me a lot since I stumble upon And maybe I’ll follow the decision he made some time ago to create games for browsers.

What do you think of it ? We are talking about it right here :