Tales of Pocoro – updated to v1.2.0

Hello everyone.

Yup it’s finally here, the long awaited ( … ) version 1.2.0 of Tales of Pocoro :

HD mode : if you have a tablet, you’ll enjoy graphics with no upscaling
New user interface
-Added teleport animation
-Added the possibitily to remove the arrows around the character ( Thanks to Jordan )
-Corrected duplicate levels ( Thanks to Cordell)
-Corrected issue on random level engine

It has been a really hard work to create the HD mode and to create the new UI. I hope you’ll like it.

Again, you can find it on the Android Market and on the Appslib


Here’s a screenshot of what the HD mode looks like on a Motorola Xoom :




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New UI and HD mode preview

Here are some screenshots of the new UI , finished and with new icons.
It gives the game a really more professional look with 8bit icons and fonts











And here is a preview of what the HD mode gives on a Foio 100 tablet : 1024*600 screen with no scaling ( the icons are still the old ones on those screenshots ):


Tales of Pocoro – release of the demo

Yeah, I’ve finally changed my mind and made a demo out of Tales of Pocoro.

This demo let the player discover the 10 first level of Easy and Normal difficulty.
I put advertising on it to gather enough to advertise Tales of Pocoro afterwards.

I’m not really fond of this idea, but sometimes you have to put feelings away.

Hope it’ll work !

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Tales of Pocoro – updated to v1.1.1

Another minor update for Tales of Pocoro

  • Corrected the whype behaviour ( Thanks to Troy )
  • Corrected a bug that makes the character disappear when at the bottom of the screen ( Thanks to Anthony and Erwan )
  • Corrected issues on translation
  • Added suomi translation ( Thanks to Patrik Selin )

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Tales of Pocoro – updated to v1.1.0

An update has just been released for Tales of Pocoro. This update focus on controls :

  • You can now swipe to make your character move.
  • Double tap screen to enter in “Camera mode” to move around while swiping. Double-tap again to return to your character.
  • And you can still use the keyboard or the trackball for this.
  • See help for more information.


  • Better orientation change handling.
  • Italian translation ( Thanks to Lupuss )

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Tales of Pocoro – updated to v1.0.3

Another minor update for Tales of Pocoro

  • Better keyboard handling
  • Sound balancing
  • Spanish support

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Tales of Pocoro – updated to v1.0.2

Another minor update for Tales of Pocoro

  • Corrected background gfx glitches
  • UI remembers your current difficulty when restarting
  • Music and SFX balancing
  • Volumes keys no longer open start menu
  • Corrected some bugs

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